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“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” — Intuit

In Problem Spaces, we share — guess what — the most common problem spaces we’ve encountered in our community research. We describe them in-depth and share examples of people who had specific problems within this space. In this format we focus more on quality than quantity: we will cover fewer problems but in more detail.

Today, we’re diving into a space that most entrepreneurs can relate to one way or another: Marketing.

source: subredditstats

As more and more businesses go online, competition intensifies. As a consequence, great marketing becomes an essential ingredient for success. At the same time, marketing is extremely complex and demanding. Marketing online communities are full of questions and complaints, but, as always, Reddit and the likes have limits in terms of responding to these challenges.

We hope you enjoy this report on business opportunities around Marketing and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.


🎯 Finding a Marketing Strategy

Problem: Every business is different, and so is the right marketing strategy

As with most other online communities, you will find posts concerned with smaller but highly specific problems, and others concerned with more general issues in marketing. Unsurprisingly, the specific problems & solutions rarely get a lot of attention (but, on the upside, not a lot of competition either).

In this context, a Redditor’s suggestion to create a GitHub for marketers for these types of problems sounds pretty interesting.

What stood out even more to us, however, is the level of complexity of the more general type of questions. Based on what we’ve read, great marketing needs a great strategy first. And great marketing strategies consist of a number of heterogeneous elements, ranging from technical to psychological to design-related areas of expertise.

Not only that, but every case is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and many marketers are painfully aware of that. This is why they look for guidance and ask for resources.

Coming up with the right strategy is a huge challenge for marketers, and there could be different approaches to help them. For example, one could create a platform that connects marketers with experienced strategists, set up a 1on1 coaching business, or even build a (really) smart tool.


“I don't even know where to begin to start setting out a campaign and grand strategy. I am completely self-taught in the tools which I have a reasonably good grip of, so are there any resources out there to teach me more about the strategy side of marketing?”

“As an inexperienced marketer, having a mentor would be useful, because understanding the big picture and acting towards it is crucial. Most marketing advice online is tactic focused.”

🤔 Transitioning between positions

Problem: Many marketers are insecure about transitioning between agency, freelancer, and startup

There are a number of reasons why so many marketers consider transitioning between agency life, freelancing, and start-ups. Some want more freedom while others want to have more concrete tasks. A desire for the latter is often grounded in the ambiguity of a marketer’s job that seems to create a need for emotional support.

Then there are marketers who can’t stand dealing with clients day in and day out, while others are bored by the overly technical aspects of their specific job.

While Reddit can offer some advice and a friendly ear, there seems to be demand for more. Solutions could range from a space for emotional support to a collection of resources or an advice business offering potential analysis & concrete tips for applications.


“I’m really struggling to find a way out of the agency life, it’s starting to feel like I’ll be stuck here forever if I don’t change something now and quickly.”

“Anyone make a jump from marketing into another field? Was it worth it? What do you do now?”

“Dealing with clients really sucks up my soul.”

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