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What makes this newsletter unique?

Many businesses fail because they build products and services for problems that nobody struggles with.


The solution: Find real problems that people already complain about and develop products/services that solve them!

Our newsletter helps you with exactly that. We study online communities where real people talk about the problems they have. We gather those problems, curate the most promising ones, and propose business solutions to them.

What is your method?

CommunityValidated uses a 5-step-process to find real problems and propose promising solutions:

  1. Identify relevant online communities based on their size & growth (-> e.g. using
  2. Open research & general understanding: Read recent posts, top posts, controversial posts, most common posts, posts with no/low traction, etc.
  3. Focused research: Find posts where people specifically talk about struggles, problems, desires, unsolved issues etc.
  4. Selection process: Filter problems based on how common & pressing they are.
  5. Ideation: For each problem, systematically go through possible solutions (-> for getting a better idea on how these solutions look like, just go through our archive!)

What platforms do you cover?

We cover communities on all kinds of platforms: Facebook, Slack, Discord, and - our favourite - Reddit.

What's included in the Business Opportunities & Community Lessons archives?

In total, there are 27 issues of the CommunityValidated newsletter waiting for you.


Business Opportunities:

  • Yoga Teachers
  • Gaming Content Creators
  • Bootstrapped Founders
  • AirBnB Hosts
  • No Coders
  • Composers
  • Traveling Parents
  • Shopify Entrepreneurs
  • The 50k% Growth Community
  • Zero Waste
  • Van Life
  • r/Bitcoinbeginners
  • SoloTravel
  • r/Realestateinvesting
  • r/Wallstreetbets
  • Community Builders (1/2)
  • Community Builders (2/2)
  • Graphic Designers
  • Homeschooling
  • Marketers
  • Organic Gardening
  • DIYers

Community Lessons:

  • 4 Lessons from the Million Dollar Reddit Company
  • 8 Lessons from Duolingo's Success Story
  • Reddit: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
  • Promoting on Reddit: How to Write with Empathy
  • Audience vs. Community: What Should You Build?

Any other questions?

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